About us

Calaf is the result of two passions: for delicious chocolate and for good wine.

The creator is Nadia Pagliuca, adopted by Tuscany, whose roots are from Campania.

Since 2012, after 6 years spent in the wedding and event industry, Nadia started
La Confetteria Firenze” to offer custom-made products for the most important events.
With the support of a famous confetti company from Sulmona, the first Chianti-filled bonbon was created and it immediately gained great notoriety until it became a must-have product for every Tuscan wedding’s buffet.

Afterwards, Nadia, along with her brothers Diego, a financial consultant, Mauro, an architect, and her friend Lucia, an ophthalmologist, founded the Nadir s.r.l., a company that gathered people with different working experiences pooled in a passion: Calaf.