Dicciosu Cannonau Doc
Cantina Lilliu

Dicciosu is a “Cannonau” made in purity with dry farmed grapes.

Scattered throughout the astounding hills of Marmilla, in Sardinia, Cantina Lilliu’s vineyards grapes lay down in the ancient Highlands of Sa Jara Manna and Sa Jara Pittica, absorbing their history and traditions. Firmly convinced that the best wine is born in the vineyards, Pietro e Roberta buy neither grapes nor musts.

They just work on their grapes which slowly ripen thanks to synergistic agriculture and dry-farming techniques.

A strong belief is that good wines is born in vineyards, so Pietro and Roberta do not buy any grapes or musts.
They only work on their grapes that slowly ripen thanks to synergic agriculture and dry farming.