Cellar The Feudi
Ora da Re

Now da Re is a wine defined eternal, discovered by chance, whose history recalls the likes of Veronelli, we could therefore speak of its perfumes and its characteristics, but this is a wine that is tasted with emotions, which seduces and moves , it is a wine that could easily surpass many Marsala, Sherry or Madeira.

When it happens to taste it, those rare times, after the first moments, in which one finds oneself absorbed in one’s own thoughts, in one’s own feelings, one looks around and sees incredulous and astonished faces, the faces of those people who fail so on two feet to realize that a wine of 1932 may have a dark color of monk, but bright, a penetrating hot scent, very dense and seductive, with a vast and infinite range of Mediterranean and chestnut scents, dry, soft and velvety taste , charmer of the palate and of extraordinary persistence.

This is a magical wine, an elixir that enchants those who drink it.